About Induz

Induz : Providing the gift of imagination and creativity to underprivileged children globally! 

The Induz Vision

Creating better global communities by fostering art and culture for wholesome growth.

The Induz Mission

Induz was established in 2004 with the vision of fostering art and culture toward wholesome growth in improving global communities. It was founded on the principle of using the power of art to create harmony and creativity across the world.

Induz’s mission is to:

  • Nurture artistic talents by exposing individuals to the world of art and culture
  • Promote and encourage the awareness and aptitude toward art and culture in children, in particular the underprivileged, by setting up programs through which they can learn various forms of art, such as visual art, music, and dance
  • Use art as a medium to bring diverse communities and cultures together and encourage volunteerism and active participation

Art’s association with leisure and recreation often hides its intrinsic and cognitive benefits. Scientific research has proven that children who are exposed to art curriculum at an early age are able to better focus on their education. Art allows children to express themselves when words aren’t enough; it helps children experience freedom, and it is a safe and healthy outlet for them to be themselves. The pressures of society can sometimes be overwhelming for children who don’t have the opportunity to learn the skills they need in life. Art allows them to express their feelings, whether it be anger or contentment, and gives them the opportunity to be free in the moment they are practicing art.

Richard Louv, established journalist and chairman of The Children and Nature Network, stated in a recent article, “Exposure to the arts help students build self-confidence, express their creativity, and perform better in math and reading.” Louv further writes: “Even without the neurological evidence, educators know that different children learn differently, and that the arts can be a way to enhance creativity in high academic achievers and stimulate the learning process in children who otherwise might be left behind.” Art helps release emotions and has crucial benefits to children in the long run. Whether it be singing, dancing, painting, or any other form, art stimulates a child’s mind and helps keep it healthy and active.

Induz spent its early years as an organization focused on fundraising and organizing social events to support local and international artists. In 2008, Induz took a leap forward and began providing its own programs.

Where Art Meets Heart, Induz’s signature program, was launched to help improve the lives of underprivileged children by nurturing their artistic talents and providing them with the means and opportunity to practice art. Art programs across the nation have steadily decreased in the last 30 years, and there is even less support for the arts in developing countries. Art’s association with luxury and recreation has pushed it out of schools and out of the lives of many potential and aspiring artists.

In just more than two years, Induz launched three programs in India: first, in the rural and underdeveloped town of Silghat, Assam; next, at the Santosh Children’s Orphanage in Bangalore; and just recently, in an obscure village in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. Where Art Meets Heart provides a safe place for learning, along with instruction, art supplies, and instruments for children.

After successfully building the program internationally, Induz now brings its learnings to local communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, to build similar art and music programs for underprivileged children of all cultures. Art and culture are key to creating harmonious and wholesome development in children, and more important, they provide the means by which children can use their talents, skills, energy, and imagination toward positive lives and communities. The kind of exposure this program provides will create a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of the children, their families, and the people around them. Induz’s dream, to share its love of art and teach it to others, is a personal one and comes straight from the heart.

Induz… Where Art Meets Heart.

The Challenge

Art programs across the nation have steadily decreased in the last 30 years and there is even less support for the arts in developing countries.


Students who received art education scholasticaly outperform students that don't. Art improves a child's early cognitive development, raises self-esteem, and promotes self expression.

Organization Info

Induz is a non-profit organization driven by Silicon Valley professionals with a passion to promote art and culture across the globe.

Founded in 2004, Induz started off as a dedicated non-profit organization raising awareness and funds for charities. It has since its inception morphed into a much bigger initiative to raise money at hugely popular events in the bay area promoting art and culture, for its own artistic endeavors globally.

Induz Team

The core team is founded by individuals who passionately believe in the vision of Induz. They uphold the values of the organization and put in earnest efforts to bring every one of their initiatives to fruition.

Articles of Incorporation

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