Success Stories

Induz is very proud to share few success stores that highlight the benefits our programs are having on children.

Santosh Children's Home, Bangalore - SCH is a NGO in India that aims to provide destitute and orphaned children with an opportunity to realize their fundamental right to a better life. It provides children an environment where they are nurtured and educated, equipping them for the future. Induz introduced the Tullika Project here in 2008, which provided art/crafts, music and dance program to the children.

Mr. Isaac, the founder of the Children's home says -

"Three years back children were not known to the worlds of Arts, and it was like doctors without stethoscope. Tulika has really encouraged and taught the children many things. Since the time children were exposed to Arts, through Induz’s Tulika program, the children have been improving in their artistic skills along with self-confidence and belief they are ready to face the competitive world through Arts. Tulika project has really been helpful to children."

Mr. Isaac shares few examples of the direct impact the program had on the children - 


Nagraj is a 13 year old boy who recently competed for a Science Environmental Project and was selected for the state level competition; he is among the top 3 students from the enitre school who was selected. It is his exposure to Arts that gave him courage and self-belief to bring out the innovative thoughts and ideas in the project. His project was highly appreciated. 


Prasanth is a 16 year old boy, who did not crae for the arts until 3 years ago when Induz introduced the Tulika Program.  The Tulika program has enabled him to face any kind of competition; he recently stood 2nd in drawing competition conducted by a US based company. He graduated his 10th grade examination with 1st class. He is interested in pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering where he expects to do lot of engingeering drawings. He believes that exposure to the Tulika Progarm helped him gain the self-confidence and be competitive. 


Dichu is 16 year old boy who comes from a poor background and never dreamt about the arts. Today,  he is able to participate in advanced level art competitions in the district.  He not only draws but also plays musical instruments. He recently graduated his 10th grade with 1st class and is a 2nd topper of his school. He thanks Induz's Tulika Program for helping to him inculcate self belief and confidence. He has made up his mind to study Civil Engineering which deals with drawing. Exposure to the arts has helped Dichu to focus and his math grades has also improved.


Samuel is a 15 year old boy studying in 10th grade; he is very much fond of drawing and music and has learnt many things such as caliber drawing, glass painting, decorating things with his innovative ideas. He has won several prizes at various art competitions, which would not have been possible without the Tulika program. The exposure to arts in his life has made him a very motivated individual, who is very engaged in his studies and extra-curricular activities.  

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