Passport to World Arts

Art and culture programs are disappearing from schools, and after-school programs are at risk due to lack of government funds. Passport to World Arts program attempts to address the lack of access to art and global learning eductaion for underprivileged children in bay area public schools, libraries and institutions like YMCA, Playworks, San Jose Public Libraries etc. It was launched in March 2011 as a supplemental, after-school art education program to underprivileged children in low-income school districts in the Silicon Valley area. The curriculum includes exposure to meaningful art forms from various global regions around the world with different cultures. The program has expanded to be included as part of summer program, regular school curriculum and for youth leadership development.

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Tullika Project

The Tulika Project is Induz's first offering that was launched in India in 2008. The program provides art, music and dance education to underprivileged and orphan children. Since it’s launch, Induz has successfully developed three art programs that serve thousands of underprivileged children in rural towns and cities in India. Children are provided with the proper tools and instruction to learn art forms such as music, dance, drawing, and painting. Children who were not at all interested in art before the program started are now enjoying it. But perhaps most notably, children have shown an overall improvement in their main studies since they started their art and music class, and excelled in math and science scores. In general, kids are much happier and focused with their extracurricular activities in arts and music

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Culture Connect

Induz’s Culture Connect Program strives to use art as a medium to bring diverse communities and cultures together. At Culture Connect events, people share information about their culture through the art, music, dance, food, and clothing that identifies them. Induz’s aim is to educate audiences about the traditions and nuances of different countries and cultures to enable better appreciation of each other. Induz believes that understanding of all cultures brings harmony to diverse people and builds a world community, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, a melting pot of all cultures.

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Sing for Art

Induz’s Sing for Art program is a social networking platform where community members get together for their common love for music and to sing for a good cause. Besides providing a platform for local singers to showcase their talents; it fosters community building and unity.

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Youth Ambassador Program

A leadership program where youths can help spread the mission of Induz and gain leadership skills, and recognition through President Obama's Volunteer Service Community Awards.

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