Sing for Art

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Induz’s Sing for Art program brings community members together in a social setting to encourage volunteerism, the spirit of giving, and active participation in a fun and festive environment filled with art and music.

In January 2010, Induz organized a Bay Area Sing for Art fundraiser to benefit children of Haiti who were impacted by the devastating earthquake earlier this year. The event was held at Swagat Restaurant in Fremont and raised more than $1,000, all of which was donated to UNICEF for the children of Haiti. There was an overwhelming outpouring of contributions and support by the community. Where every SAGC Grant Application 2010 dollar counts for what Haiti needed, Induz’s effort to bring the community together and make a difference was exemplary: Several organizations followed Induz’s lead and held their own fundraising events to benefit Haiti. In the summer of 2010, Induz held its Summer Bollywood Costume Sing for Art Nite. This helped bring community members together and was very widely accepted. Similar Sing for Art events were held in prior years to wide acclaim.

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